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D.Grischenko, director of "Grischenko and Partners" took part in the event organized by the ACC together with the EBA, where Mr. P.Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, held the high-level dialog with representatives of the business

“Those people do not make mistakes who do nothing,” President Poroshenko.


On May 26, institutional investors united under the Chamber's and EBA umbrella had a frank and open dialogue with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko who has not only reported on certain results of his 1 year in the office, but also highlighted the challenges and opportunities which require the active engagement of business.

President Poroshenko stated that despite a long break in such meetings with the business, he clearly realizes the vital importance of economic security as a part of overall security of the country and that maintaining and improving the business climate is a matter of survival in the current conditions. In his remarks the President covered such aspects as consumer credits and role of NBU as regulator, certain sides of memo with IMF and vision of further developments in this regard, judicial system and reform, combating corruption, first steps of new State Fiscal Service Head Roman Nasirov on fighting with “tax holes” , inter-coordination of tax, customs, and judicial authorities in ensuring the fair functioning of transparent business, defense and military complex reforms, privatization, deoligarchization, demonopolization, and decentralization.

Finally, the President stated that in a course of reforms the currency regulation and other restrictions could be relaxed for finding the healthy balance, though with consideration of all influencing factors.

From their side, representatives of the business community raised the issues of their concern in different sectors, in particular restarting banking and financial system, protection of creditors’ rights, civil aviation, oil and gas sector, and others.

In his turn, the President assured that for success of all started reforms he needs business community’s active engagement and called the participants to submit their concrete proposals to the President’s Office. And in the context of the continuous result-oriented cooperation of the Chamber and Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Chamber Members are ready to continue this constructive frank dialogue for the benefit of all parties and the country at large.