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The High Court of London rejected the claim of PJSC "Tatneft" to the Ukrainian businessmen

On November 8, 2016 the High Court of London handed down judgment on the claim of the Russian company "Tatneft" v. G. Bogolyubov, I. Kolomoisky, A. Yaroslavsky and P. Ovcharenko in favor of the four defendants. In particular, the High Court concluded that the claims against the two defendants have no "real prospect of success", and with respect to the other two defendants - that there is no "serious issue to be tried' on the merits of the claim (para. 134).

Together with the team of English barristers and solicitors, Ukrainian law firm "Grishchenko and Partners" (partner S. Voitovich, counselors M. Makhynia and S. Poliakov) participated in representing the interests of one of the defendants.