Grischenko & Partners was founded on July 2, 1992 – during the most critical period of Ukraine’s transformation into an independent state. Since that historic time, the firm has been growing steadily at a rapid pace. Today, Grischenko & Partners is home to a number of highly qualified lawyers, patent attorneys and specialists, offering a diverse range of legal services to clients, who strive to promote their businesses in Ukraine – both Ukrainian clients and international clients alike. Our offices are located in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) and Odessa (Ukraine’s major seaport).

In the course of its
twenty one years of operation, the firm has gained substantial experience, earning a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy partner. The lawyers at Grischenko & Partners received their legal training at the most prominent educational institutions of Ukraine, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Thus, Grischenko & Partners is able to provide its clients with high-quality professional services – an important quality that guarantees resourceful legal consultation and reliable information pertaining to the ever-changing legal reforms in Ukraine and the impact thereof on companies operating within Ukraine and abroad. We assist our clients in preparing and conducting litigation and international arbitration. We advise them on contractual rights and obligations, insolvency and bankruptcy issues, as well as issues related to taxation, unfair competition, intellectual property rights, and many other matters.

Grischenko & Partners offers a diverse array of legal services from lawyers with a thorough knowledge of Ukrainian law and international law. We cooperate with the state agencies and institutions of Ukraine, and we cultivate regular working relations with foreign law firms as well. For example, we work regularly with law firms in the United States, the European Union, and Russia, as well as other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.