At Grischenko & Partners, we consider it to be our mission to provide professional and cost effective services to a diversity of clients, which range from governmental institutions to large companies, including international corporations.

We are dedicated to our clients and strive to defend their rights and interests to the utmost extent. We guide them in their decision-making process, and we provide them with complete high-quality information and advice regarding each and every legal aspect of their business. This approach enables them to make the most effective decisions and to proceed along the most favourable course of action in the unique business and legal environment of Ukraine.

We thoroughly understand that our clients face enormous challenges in conducting business in the difficult and quickly changing Ukrainian legal environment. Our main objective, therefore, is to guide our clients and help them make the best possible decisions.

Due to our flexibility in building client relationships, we are able to provide high-quality services to both large and small corporations, as well as to those clients, who are in need of a one-time consultation.

We take pride in our clients and relish their success. At Grischenko & Partners, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.